Hi, I'm Rajat

I create delightful products for the web

I'm a Software Developer and IndieHacker based in Bangalore, India. I currenly work as the Product Engineering Lead at Hashnode. I love to build products that solve real problems and make people's lives easier.

I identify as Product engineer and IndieHacker with over 7+ years of experience working with early-mid stage startups. I like working in smaller teams creating delightful products that immediately solve the users problem in an intuitive way.

I am an open source evangelist, highly unopinionated and try to choose the best tech for the problem at hand. I am a strong believer in creating things quickly first, then getting them right and then optimising it.

Some of my side projects

I have created 10s of 90% complete side projects as a solo developer-designer-marketeer. Some of these are being used by 200,000+ people while some have gotten to #1 on product hunt


TweetAssist is chrome extension that helps you generate content and reply ideas for Twitter using AI


Mockly is a easy to use ebook mockup generator. Perfect for generating simple 3d mockups for your info products and ebooks. Created using React and firebase and landed #1 on Product Hunt.

Image for Let them kill

Let them kill

Fast-paced, endless game for android where you let the enemies shoot bullets and kill each other while you escape your enemies and their bullets. This was built using Unity and was launched to the Google Play store


Timely is a slack app that automatically converts timezones in your chat messages. $300 MRR. Installed in orgs like Salesforce, Yelp, Wikimedia, Gojek, Globant, Indeed, Stability.ai, Carta, etc.

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As a part of GSoC 2014, I worked on the integration, minimizations and matrix libraries using Ruby and C++. Added support for using GNU Scientific Libraries for faster computations

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Created the vision system of Range-IT Project to create a standalone, wearable, assistive device which processed stereo data in real time to extend the mobility of visually impaired people in an indoor environments at Human-Computer Interaction Lab, TU Dresden

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Simple CV

As a part of GSoC 2013, I worked on creating an interactive rendering system for SimpleCV which made it independent of the obsolete PyGame library. Developed the system using PyGTK and Cairo, along with a web counterpart compatible with IPython Notebooks using JavaScript and Processing.js


I sometimes write blogs, but mostly just write small form content on Twitter/X

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